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Healing Tips after Rotator Cuff Surgery
Healing Tips after Rotator Cuff Surgery
Blogs - Healing Tips after Rotator Cuff Surgery

Rotator cuff surgery relates to repair of the four tendons and the related muscles that stabilize the shoulder joint. The rotator cuff allows a person to raise and rotate their arm. Surgery to the rotator cuff typically involves removing loose fragments of tendon, bursa, and other debris from the space in the shoulder where the rotator cuff moves. Sometimes, a surgeon will need to shave or remove bone spurs from the shoulder blade to make room for the rotator cuff tendon. Also involved in the surgery is sewing the torn edges of the supraspinatus tendon together and to the top of the upper arm bone.

A surgeon can choose to take a variety of approaches to repairing the rotator cuff. Sometimes, non-surgical treatment will help a great deal. For those who have been unable to regain full function and strength with other treatment, surgery is a good option.

After the rotator cuff surgery, patients may be allowed by their doctor to begin passive exercises that move the arm. About 6 to 8 weeks after the repair, and with the assistance of a physical therapist, a patient may begin active exercises. Each patient will go into the surgery with unique tears and the surgery can be complex. It is important to listen to your body and allow the repair the time it needs to heal.

The wellness experts at Livestrong remind patients that healing time from a repair procedure can differ a bit but it may be wise to think of the process in two phases. During the first phase, rehabilitation should be built around the healing of the rotator cuff. In the second phase, rehabilitation should be centered on gradual strengthening. Livestrong offers the following exercise and healing tips for patients to explore after rotator cuff surgery:

Pendulum Exercises

  • Passive Range of Motion Exercises
  • Active-Assistance Range of Motion Exercises
  • Active Strengthening Exercises

It is important to work with your surgeon and physical therapist to ensure that the shoulder is healing properly. Also, physical therapy and support during the healing process can certainly improve function and mobility. Sports injury treatment is advanced and individualized in the approach to treatment.

Contact an experienced surgeon in rotator cuff surgery Beverly Hills for more information. A consultation with Dr. Dee can determine what treatment options will work best for you and put you on the path to healing.

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