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Recovering After Knee Replacement Surgery
Recovering After Knee Replacement Surgery
Blogs - Recovering After Knee Replacement Surgery

A successful recovery after knee surgery has a lot to do with your rehabilitation process and physical therapy. Although it may be difficult to get on your feet the day after knee surgery, it is important to do so to begin building up your mobility in your artificial knee. Here are a few tips on what to do to have a successful recovery.


It is important to know that the first few days will be the most difficult – you will be tired and in pain, and won’t be able to get around as easily as you did prior to the injury. However, your physical therapy will begin after surgery to help you with basic mobility, like standing, sitting, and moving from room to room.

Light Exercises to Regain Mobility

In order to gain mobility back in your knee, you must do light exercises 10 to 15 minutes at least 2 to 3 times a day. With the help of a loved one and/or your physical therapist you can begin strengthening your knee muscles a little at a time.

Stay in Touch with Your Surgeon

Follow up with your knee surgeon to make sure your knee is in great condition. Continue taking prescribed medication, continue to elevate the knee, and continue following the light exercises. Do not stop taking your medication or antibiotics if you start feeling better, it can create a setback in your recovery time.

Due to advanced medical techniques and extensive background in knee orthopedics, patients now see a shorter recovery period. Within six weeks, patients see a dramatic improvement in their knee function. Schedule a consultation with a knee surgeon for your total knee arthroplasty in Los Alamitos.

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